Questionnaire not-so-ordinarie :)

Hej 🙂

As you might already have realized, I’m for some time thinking going into independents, and carving out more freedom and opportunities.

But also want to be sharing any knowledge back with people i highly appreciate 🙂
I’m anyway big proponent of transparency for common benefit 🙂

Please be free to fill form below, as it will help me fill the holes when i’m ready to jump into the ‘magic’ aktiebolag 😀

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I presume it is AB, as it allows more ‘freedom’ in handling of different stuff, but then you need to deal with all paperwork, documentation, accounting, etc. I know that you can i.e. buy anything electronic ‘for company’, pay part of rent, and after few year lease a car,
What are stuff that can be ‘freely’ put on company expense, i.e anything electronic, power tools, office equipment, rent support in your home, etc etc
i.e. bussines lunch, trips, who joined those
Anythng that must not be done, put on company; dates and data not missed to skatt, etc etc
Dividends, bonuses, anything else?
Can you use how other companies use delicard to buy groceries? Is there anything else similar (except for standard health)?
Any guides on traveling expenses, if there is anything special?
Leasing, renting? I know someone mentioned operational leasing is the best, but you need to have at least 2 full years of working to lease it?
Recommendation to get contracts, i.e. doing sales? What are costs in landing contract i.e. if there is middleman? What usual middleman take (eworks, m4, etc)? Any tips in negotiating
Any tips what to ‘demand’ to put-in in contract? hybrid work, overtime, vacation handling, any other risk?
Anything that smells, is outright bad for us to have in contract?
Anything that would good to put in writing based on experience?
Any tips for handling vacation, sick, VAB, and having-kids days tips?
Where to look? Average ‘good’ rate? Any useful link/mailing group/reddit where konsults post useful knowledge and tips? Any tips for negotiation?
Tips for how to ‘define’ salary, dynamic, fixed? Changing for ‘bank’ needs? Pension? Any other recommendation?
Do you use it or any other tips to ‘invest’ from company in funds?
Tips to be at the ‘front’ of queues for work? RFQs? using other consultancy companies? and also making business contacts (existing and new)? some other way? who takes which cut and sizes?
Anything that you find important (pros and cons) or useful that is not mentioned above
If yes, what would take you back?
Nothing can beat experience and pains 🙂