CS unrolls an ancient scroll

This is great news of applied computer science and potential great impact [nod to Matias 😉] on future archeological work in deciphering the history.


For those who haven’t been following, an ancient scroll has been meticulously scanned using various methods, and the data has been released as open source.

A cumulative prize of $1 million is up for grabs for anyone who can successfully interpret the text from the available data. And the best part? Everything is being done in a truly open-source spirit.

And even greater is that anyone can still be involved or just learn about, as everything is open source.

So for anyone wanting to go into applied machine learning, algorithms and data processing, this is a great way in 🙂

If you’re keen on updates and insights, I recommend following Nat Friedman on x-Twitter. He offers quality insights on the progress and more. 🙂