Weekly breakdown – 22w17

New week, new useful, interesting, or plain fun links found, at least for me 🙂

And also a way to offload and preserve good information stored in way-too-many Firefox tabs 🙂


Good and clean methodology breakdown how to approach software development for Web/SaaS apps, but most of the ‘rules’ are also applicable for all kinds of software areas, even all the way down to embedded (i.e. IoT devices).

On surface, TCP is ‘simple’ protocol. But depending on underlying network behavior, different configuration options and TCP congestion control protocols used can have enormous impact on your networks performance and throughput.
Link above tests different TCP CCP protocols with Starlink internet service with surprising results.
Check ‘Conclusions‘ chapter for breakdown.
Note: It could be fun experiment to test different CCP protocols in noisy 2.4 and 5 GHz environments and WiFi versions. And people are already thinking about it in 5G and beyond mobile networks.

Funny, yet highly informative graphic breakdown of different (mostly web oriented, but again, web is everywhere) security ‘bugs’ and help information.

Where the future is already moving for the ASICs, since gigahertz fight has plateaued long time ago.

Short, informative info about (sad) state of research impact in software engineering.
(Topic for another day, but my take on software engineering is that it is less engineering and more old-school apprenticeship)

Short but useful information what to think about when wanting to setup your own web presence and server in current day and age from decades of experience.

New approach to search and graph connection between terms and topics.


Breaking: Helicopter spots extra-terrestrial ‘trash’ on Mars 🙂

Informative breakdown of human social network sizes and its impact.
Companies (especially larger ones) could use extracts from available information to optimize different workflows: from meeting sizes and its effectiveness (magic number 5?), to sizes of complete ARTs (magic number 150?).

If you ever wondered what fire is, in way more details that you need and even understand 🙂


One example of what happens when financial people take total control from engineers and push for shareholder and short term gains only through outsourcing, stock buybacks, lack of motivation for innovation, etc.
Same thing happened to Boeing and Sony.

One way of looking into inflation and its uneven impact.