Weekly breakdown – 22w28d2



Expected news for the ones that have followed news and shenanigans around Uber.

It also blatantly shows how easy it is and what can be done with influence and money even in the first-world countries.
For better-or-worse, lets hope that ‘limitless’ growth-first VC money dries up, and actually moves to profitable AND people-helping industries.

Bonus links:


Expected lose-lose news for anyone involved in the destined-to-fail Twitter deal.

The onion covered it good 🙂


Atlassian continues with its slide into the red.
After recent little-to-say-embarrassing outage of some of their cloud products, there might be more rolling behind the scenes.

On a personal level, I actually prefer Redmine as more usable (but not modern) UX compared to Jira as a white-space hog.
And there are newcomers that are already using perfect storm to disrupt Attlasian.

And on a funny Jira note 🙂 https://ifuckinghatejira.com/

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